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July 11, 2013

Launching and Amplifying your Impact Across Social Channels

What Google's Wildfire Social Marketing Manager Maya Grinberg talks about amplifying a marketing campaign across multiple social media channels. Examples from P&G, The Oscars, Oreo Cookies, Target, Puma and Red Bull.

Key Takeaways:

1. Build an "Always On" Strategy
    a. Have a social plan before and after the key moment in any campaign.
    b. Remain nimble. Know when to plan, and plan to react.
    c. Empower generation C.

2. Think "Social Surround".
    a. Treat each channel in a unique way.
    b. Encourage user-generated content to add authencicity.
    c. Seed cross-network experiences.

3. Create a "Social hub".
    a. Build social Hubs around all major marketing campaigns.
    b. Tightly coordinate online and offline experiences.
    c. Host Social Hubs in multiple places.